Why Elon Musk can’t back out of buying Twitter, according to Twitter

Written by Lauren Hirsch

In a 62-page lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Twitter accused Elon Musk of breaching an agreement to buy the social media company for $44 billion. Musk, the world’s richest man, has tried to back out of the acquisition, citing Twitter’s number of fake accounts and accusing the company of not giving him enough information about the issue and misrepresenting itself.

In its lawsuit, Twitter sought to demonstrate that it has the right to sue him to for him to close the deal and show that Musk’s claims against it had no merit. Instead, it was Musk who was violating the agreement, the company said. Twitter was unsparing, calling his escape strategy a “model of hypocrisy” and a “model of bad faith.” It backed up its argument with numerous tweets from the billionaire.

Twitter says it gave Musk necessary disclosure on spam accounts.

Contrary to Musk’s claims that Twitter stonewalled his efforts for information on spam accounts, the company said in its lawsuit that it had provided him with data. When Musk asked for the information, the company honored some of his requests, like handing over its so-called fire hose, or vast stream of tweets.

But even as it did so, Twitter said in its suit, Musk’s demands for information became progressively irrational.

“From the outset, defendants’ information requests were designed to try to tank the deal,” according to the lawsuit. “Musk’s increasingly outlandish requests reflect not a genuine examination of Twitter’s processes but a litigation-driven campaign to try to create a record of noncooperation on Twitter’s part.”

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